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Lafayette, CO (5) a year ago This was the best experience ever. THere is so much art and cuture and history in Mexico City and we were exposed to all of it. The hotel venue in the Historic District was very convenient for exploration.

Portland, OR (5) a year ago I really enjoyed this Mexico City program because of all wonderful artwork, famous landmarks, food, etc. that I experienced in this program. You can't go wrong with this program if you want to learn more about Mexico City, Mexico. You get to experience Teotihuacan, artwork by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, the Cathedral, Temple Mayor, the floating gardens, local restaurants, and much more. I give this program 5 stars for sure.

Paco Barrios was our local expert at the sites we visited and he too was extremely knowledgeable, also funny. Our instructor, Alma Lilia Roura, was just amazing -- witty, engaging, and perfectly attuned to her very mixed audience of "scholars." My husband and I have traveled before but never on an organized tour -- and this was soooo much more relaxed than independent travel. The hotel was comfortable, the meals were excellent, the transitions were effortless, and the company was fun. And we learned so much more than we would have on our own. We loved Mexico City, definitely want to come back and explore more of Mexico, a wonderful country.

Portland, OR (5) a year ago I was totally delighted with the Mexico City program. It exceeded every expectation. Oakland, CA (5) a year ago This Mexico City program was just the right combination of lecture, guided site-viewing, and good food.

Arrive by 4 p.m. and meet for a group dinner on Thursday at 7 p.m. We will have a long weekend — three full days — to learn aboutDiego Rivera‘s stunning Mexico City murals, visit Casa Azul where Diego and Frida Kahlo lived, and see the largest private collection of their work at the Dolores Olmedo Museum.

This is a true classic for Road Scholar in particular, but adventure travel in general. Norma Schafer and Oaxaca Cultural Navigator has offered programs in Mexico since 2006. We have over 30 years of university program development experience. See my resume.Study Tours + Study Abroad are personally curated and introduce you to Mexico's greatest artisans.

Ask us to arrange yours. You might like to arrive early to stay laterto discover Mexico City and her incredible museums and restaurants.

But most importantly, they offer the same rich educational experiences and attention to detail that makes all Road Scholar programs unique—expert instructors, behind-the-scenes access and learning with like-minded people eager to explore different cultures. While many of Road Scholar’s 5,500 programs are small-group experiences, the organization also offers a unique type of program on the opposite end of the group-size spectrum — “Great American Get-Togethers.” Today, there are “Get-Togethers” offered in several popular U.S. cities, as well as “Global Get-Togethers” in Canada, Mexico, and Paris. Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu starts in the Sacred Valley in Peru. Trekkers walk along a stretch of the ancient Incan road system, passing through lush cloud forests and alpine tundra while exploring isolated Incan ruins along the way. The hike takes several days to complete, but eventually travelers arrive at the Sun Gate for a visit to the iconic mountaintop fortress of Machu Picchu.

For some activities, the entire group will be together; however, for many of the activities, the group is split into smaller groups with a maximum of 24. You get the camaraderie and fun social dynamic with a large group, along with a more intimate experience on the small-group outings. It’s the best of the both worlds.

If you don’t want to spend 15 days, just book the a Mexico-City tour, so many thing to see, such a beauty. The mysteries of the Maya and the Aztecs stand quietly within rainforests resting between serene beaches and the mountainous highlands.

As a first time traveler with Road Scholar, I was very impressed. I look forward to traveling with Road Scholar in the future. Brooklyn, NY (5) 9 months ago My wife and I recently returned from the Mexico City History,Art, Culture and Politics program.It was outstanding from beginning to end.We couldn't have had a better travel experience. The group leaders Arturo, Roberto, Paco and Alma were top notch, most caring and professional. Mexico City is a vibrant city with much to see and do.

The group leader is amazing and all of the local experts and instructors really delivered engaging and interesting information about Mexico City. “Because of the popularity of our ‘Great American Get-Togethers’ in cities like San Antonio, Texas and Santa Fe, New Mexico, we’ve added new global locations to give our participants the opportunity to experience foreign cultures in a new and exciting way,” said JoAnn Bell, senior vice president of Programs. Moraga, CA (5) 11 months ago Oaxaca was a great place to celebrate the holidays. Many parades, festivities, good natured crowds and great archaeological sites, churches and museums to visit.Also highly rated city by a travel magazine.

Mark Class of 2018 Brooklyn, N.Y. Pratt, KS (5) 9 months ago I have participated in three Road Scholar programs (1 within the US and 2 international). This was undoubtedly the best of the 3 programs in my estimation.

Richfield, MN (5) a month ago This program is an immersive experience in Mexico City, which is an exciting, vibrant world-class city with a rich history and multifaceted culture, wonderful architecture, outstanding archaeological sites, and beautiful art. While most Road Scholar programs range in size from 13-30 participants, the “Get-Togethers” can accommodate up to 120 people.

The participants came from interesting varied backgrounds that contributed to the experience. There was a group camaraderie where everyone took care of each other. I cannot wait to go back to Mexico City and to take another Road Scholar trip! I encourage you to do the same. Woodland Hills, CA (5) a year ago Mexico City with Road Scholar was truly a wonderful experience.

Washington, VA (5) a year ago This is a great program! Mexico City should be a “must see” on anyone’s travel list.

Although the others were very good. The staff for this program was excellent in every respect. The capstone component for me was the understanding of the history of Mexico through its peoples, their cultures and art that has contributed to the evolution of present day Mexico. This information was effectively conveyed in lectures, fieldtrips, discussions with the group leaders and among the other participants. Our fellow participants were like-minded individuals who were not only delightful to travel with but were also individuals who were excited to learn and contributed their individual opinions, interpretations, and facts, which further enhanced this program for me.

Single and nearing my 85 birthday, Road Scholar helps fulfill my need to move around the world. Carson City, NV (5) a year ago This was a thorough and rewarding trip to Mexico City, a place with a most interesting history and architecture from the time of the Aztecs, through the Spanish ruling times to independence from Spain in 1810. Loved it. Wilton, CT (5) a year ago This was our first Road Scholar trip, and while we try to always be sure our travels include an educational component, we thought it was on a high par with others we've taken, and a good value.

Portland, OR (5) 10 months ago If you like or are interested in the history and art of Mexico and especially Mexico City, this is the trip for you. Be prepared to change some of your perceptions of the country to our south probably in a positive way.

Norma Schafer participates in all programs. Small group size limited to 10 people for quality experience. From December 20, 2015, through January 3, 2016, we were in Mexico, where we visited Oaxaca, Puebla, and Mexico City. The focus of the trip was cultural and religious traditions connected with the Christmas and New Year holidays.

We attended the Ballet Folklorico created before the 1968 Olympics to share Mexican culture with the world. Both the performance and the setting (Belle Arts/Tiffany glass stage curtain) were splendid. Another highlight was Xochmilco, where our group boarded a colorful boat and had lunch while serenaded by mariachis. We ate meals together with breakfast at the hotel and other meals at a variety of restaurants to give us a variety of delicious Mexican cuisine. I made friends I hope will be life long.

We will give you a list of recommendations to explore on your own. Please make your own lodging arrangements, reserve and pay your hotel directly.

Our guides Arturo and Arturo and Raffie were excellent. And so were our lectures in the hotel. I felt safe at all times. DALLAS, OR (5) 8 months ago This tour had great variety and was well planned to give us all a taste of many aspects of Mexico City. I especially enjoyed all the art.

The Group Leaders and Guide skillfully planned the schedule and each day surpassed the previous in "wow" moments. The lecturer was engaging, knowledgeable and filled the many gaps I had about Mexican history. I wish I could earn a degree from Alma Lilia Roura! She gave a context to view the art (Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Frida Kahlo) architecture( Metropolitan Cathedral, La Casa de Los Azulejos, Post Office Palace et al), and the mind blowing archaeological sites(Temple Mayor, Teothuacan).

The city is wonderfully interesting. I highly recommend the trip. Pratt, KS (5) 9 months ago Mexico City was the perfect Spring Break Getaway. The weather in March was fabulous, the history of Mexico city is mesmerizing, the cuisine of the area is unique, and the hospitality is very welcoming. Trace the history of Mexico City with local historians and in a variety of museums.

Flying in to Mexico City I'd suspect the transportation from the airport in to town would be pretty straightforward so you might not need the Road Scholar transportation from the airport. If you have questions, start reading the Mexico City forum here on TA. I'd bet they have a Top Question on the upper right side of the page with that information. Ottawa, ON (5) 11 months ago Aside from the fact that this tour of the history and culture of central Mexico was a delightful learning experience with a terrific study leader, I was very pleased and impressed with the way the hotel staff and Road Scholar’s tour company for the trip recovered my wallet with all contents intact. I had left it behind in my room.

You are asked to book your hotel in the Historic Center of Mexico City within walking distance to the Zocalo. We recommend Hotel Catedral or Chill Out Flat or El Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico. Frida Kahlo paintingOur last stop was Mexico City, second largest city in the world at 25 million people, and our guide Rafi’s home town. We stayed at the Hotel Casa Blanca right downtown.

As the relationship between the US and Mexico remains strained and politicized, I would recommend this program to anyone who genuinely wants a more accurate understanding of this intriguing nation and it's people. Brunswick, ME (5) 7 months ago The history, art, and culture of Mexico City is amazing.

Royal Oak, MI (5) a year ago I have traveled considerably, but this was among the best! Some friends questioned my trip choice.